Ad Submission

Please Read the information below

The listing will be placed until the animal is sold or we are told to remove the ad. If we are unable to contact you to check on status of the animal listed, the ad will be removed. The ad can be reinstated once we have verified the animal is still available.

Please type the exact wording for the ad. Text will be copied exactly as written.

The buyers will contact you directly and it will be between you and the buyer to negotiate price, transportation, and other details. We are providing this listing as a service and have no other interest or responsibility in the transaction. You must notify us when the animal is sold or no longer available. Please allow a minimum of 3 days for posting.

Fill out the form below with the information you want included in the ad. You can submit up to 3 photos below or send the photos to


Ad for single or multiple animals (includes 3 photos)                                                            $25 until sold   

Additional photos                                                                                                                    $5 each


After reviewing the information and posting the ad, you will be allowed to review the ad and make changes if necessary. We will send you a PayPal invoice for immediate payment.

Beltie Ad Submission


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