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MiniBeltie.org was formed to provide information about miniature Belted Galloway cattle. The purpose of this site is to provide education and resources for those interested in learning more about this heritage breed of cattle.

Belted Galloway cattle are a hardy breed that originated in the highlands of Scotland  as early as the 16th century. Galloways are recognized as the oldest polled (hornless) beef cattle in the world.  Registered Belted Galloway are a highly prized breed and are on the Livestock Conservation list of endangered breeds, which only in 2007 were moved from the critical list to recovering when they just passed the 10,000 animal mark in the World. 

Don't Be Fooled into buying a "mini beltie" that is not a REAL beltie. Some breeders are selling crossbred cattle and those registered with other breeds as Belted Galloways. They are only REAL miniature Belted Galloways if they are registered with the Belted Galloway Society. The belt may be present on ANY cow but does not make them a Belted Galloway!   Visit our FAQ page for more history and desirable characteristics of this interesting heritage breed.     

They are highly prized for their healthier lean and flavorful beef, foraging ability, and hardiness in extreme weather due to their unique double hair coat. They are recognized for longevity and some females have been produced calves into their late teens and twenties.

Miniature cattle can be found in several sizes:

-Mid-sized or "Classic" are 48" to 42" at the hip.

-Full minis are less than 42" at the hip.

-Micro cattle are less than 36" at the hip   

 The term "miniature" means the individual animal is smaller than the standard size for their breed. Most cattle breeds from Europe were originally much smaller than their American counterparts and were often referred to as "belt buckle" sized.

In the 1960's, U.S. cattle breeders started creating larger, taller cattle to satisfy the meat packer demands for larger carcasses. The smaller cattle were well-suited for the family farm in ease of handling as well as milk and meat production perfect for an average family.

The beef industry has moved away back toward the smaller framed cattle because they are better on the land and equipment, easier to handle, and are more feed efficient to produce.

Feel free to contact us for more information about miniature Belted Galloway cattle